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The Homeschooled High Schooler

Homeschooling a high schooler can cause blue skies. I’m going to be very candid right now because it can be a real headache! The constant complaints of them saying that they are missing this and missing that can be very overwhelming; especially when you start to think that they may be right.
I finally snapped and told my son that he was not missing anything and to list five things that he was missing from a real school.

  1. Dances
  2. Cafeterias
  3. Lockers
  4. After School Activities
  5. Girls everywhere

This list made me want to throw it right at him. Clearly this was not a good case for me to giver in so I told him he could have these things. I purchased a locker from IKEA/Signed him up at the YMCA/sent him to camp where they had theme nights and it was girls everywhere!!! As far as a cafeteria; Luby’s on Saturday mornings for the breakfast buffet!!! The key to homeschooling high school is to improvise! This is a learning process and even though I graduated one, I still have three more to go all of them with different personalities. I just can’t wait until my 7th grader becomes a high schooler! I wonder what list she will give me that I may have to improvise on:)