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I know it may be a little early, but for some reason when the Holidays approach us; time really speeds by. Normally that is not in a good way for me being that I tend to do last minute organizing. Iv’e learned that homeschooling three kids now can be just as hectic as homeschooling all four. I am very grateful that  we have graduated one, but we still have three more to go and it has not slowed down just a little. I thought one down and three more to go would be just a little more air to breathe for me, really not the case!

I have found that my kids respond well with some work at a time with a minimal break so I’m thinking next year would be school year round. One month of school work and two weeks off in a rotational pattern. I also found that Unit Studies and Notebooking for my family may be easier than planning each subject for three different grades saving me hours and time tremendously!  Continue reading “Preparing”