I know it may be a little early, but for some reason when the Holidays approach us; time really speeds by. Normally that is not in a good way for me being that I tend to do last minute organizing. Iv’e learned that homeschooling three kids now can be just as hectic as homeschooling all four. I am very grateful that  we have graduated one, but we still have three more to go and it has not slowed down just a little. I thought one down and three more to go would be just a little more air to breathe for me, really not the case!

I have found that my kids respond well with some work at a time with a minimal break so I’m thinking next year would be school year round. One month of school work and two weeks off in a rotational pattern. I also found that Unit Studies and Notebooking for my family may be easier than planning each subject for three different grades saving me hours and time tremendously! 

Unit studies, sometimes called thematic units or integrated studies, are very popular with homeschoolers. Unit studies usually use a hands-on approach for effective learning. The child learns by actually experiencing or discovering through different methods and activities, rather than just reading a chapter from a textbook. Studies show that children using unit-study methods retain 45% more than those using a traditional approach.

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