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The Company You Keep

The friends we surround ourselves with determine who we become. They either support us in making wise decisions, or lead us down a path of bad choices. Choose to surround yourself with friends who make wise choices.

The decisions we make define the person we become. So pray daily to choose the right decisions in your life and for God to direct the right path for you! 

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Be Brave

God has called us to live our lives for Him, even now while we’re kids. We can’t do big things for God until we’re willing to do hard things for Him. You will have to get outside of your comfort zone to obey God’s plan for your life. Esther prayed to gather the strength and courage she needed from God. God will be with you when you take that first brave step to obey Him. When you get outside your comfort zone, you have taken the first step toward something God has planned for you that you couldn’t even dream of before.

I loved our girls retreat theme last weekend about being brave. So don’t be afraid to be BRAVE! Go up and talk to that person that is sitting alone. Be a friend when someone feels that they don’t have any friends. Let those that don’t like you see your light and never stoop down to their level! Never judge before getting to know the person!

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Drugs & Alcohol 

Drugs and alcohol continue to be big issues around the world. While the Bible doesn’t say much about cocaine, heroin or marijuana, we can assume that drugs are not a good choice for anyone. The Bible does talk about alcohol and has some pretty clear thoughts about it. Let me just say this as a side note. If you live in a country that has an age limit for alcohol consumption, you need to abide by the laws of your country. Thus, any alcohol consumption for anyone underage is breaking the law. This is black and white. Where it gets gray is when you become of age and have to make choices about alcohol. Read the following passages of scripture. Listen to the Spirit of God in you and begin today to decide how you are going to navigate the world of alcohol.

Ephesians 5:18
Proverbs 23: 29-35
Genesis 5: 19-21
Isaiah 5:22
1 Corinthians 10:13
Romans 6: 6-13
James 1:5
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Slow Down!

Life gets busy. There are so many things contending for our time and attention: school, homework, sports, friends, family, and the list goes on and on. God begins to get pushed to the back of our minds, and eventually we realize that we haven’t really spent time with Him in a while.

So if that’s you, here’s what I want you to do: slow down, stop and put everything away, and set apart time for God. Get away from it all. Be silent for a moment. Go experience God in nature, read your Bible, journal, pray.

What do you need to do less of, to experience more of God in your life?

To be set apart we need to set apart time with God.

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Be Confident 

God has made you … well … you. And He wants to use you for great things. You just need to have the confidence.

Here are five attributes of a confident person.

  1. They believe in themselves.
  2. They talk with authority.
  3. They look people in the eyes.
  4. They don’t worry about what others think of them.
  5. They stand up for what’s right no matter what.

Confident people often live out great stories.