Be Brave

God has called us to live our lives for Him, even now while we’re kids. We can’t do big things for God until we’re willing to do hard things for Him. You will have to get outside of your comfort zone to obey God’s plan for your life. Esther prayed to gather the strength and courage she needed from God. God will be with you when you take that first brave step to obey Him. When you get outside your comfort zone, you have taken the first step toward something God has planned for you that you couldn’t even dream of before.

I loved our girls retreat theme last weekend about being brave. So don’t be afraid to be BRAVE! Go up and talk to that person that is sitting alone. Be a friend when someone feels that they don’t have any friends. Let those that don’t like you see your light and never stoop down to their level! Never judge before getting to know the person!

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