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So You’re a Christian? 

If you call yourself a Christian, that means you want to live like Jesus. And if you look at the life of Jesus, it was all about other people. He was always helping people, healing people, teaching people, serving people, loving people; the list goes on and on and on. 

If you want to be like Jesus and truly live a Christian life, that means you do the same. Live like you believe you were created in the image of God. Serve others like you’re living out the life of Jesus. Don’t call yourself a Christian if your life does not reflect this image!!!

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Little Boy

My critique on movie: Little Boy

It’s good to see how two very different beliefs can coexist. Even though the minister is a Christian, the relationship with the Japanese guy didn’t hinder him at all. He was able to express how he felt about faith without bashing the other ones beliefs.

Christians tend to overpower and run people away because of their different views of faith and god. If we sit back and listen to what the other have to say  and really get to know that person, then we may find that our faith in God is quite similar.I’m glad I took my 9 yr old daughter to see this movie because it really showed her that other ethnicities and other races dealt with the same prejudices. 

This movie showed her that black people were not the only race that went through this. The movie also showed how prejudice is taught. No one is born with hatred, infants to toddlers recognize no color or creed.The little boy would have never known any better if he had not been taught to hate.We have to be careful what is said in the home because little ears are always listening!
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You Will Stumble

You’re going to stumble in life. It’s a fact! But the key is not trying to live a perfect life. The key is to face and let go of your failures quickly. Don’t cover them up, don’t blame others, and don’t excuse yourself. Own up to it and Don’t repeat!

You don’t beat yourself up; you don’t tear yourself down.You grow spiritually confessing your sin instantly. Let it go! Don’t let sins pile up in your life. Take out the garbage on a daily basis, step back and evaluate who you are and who God has called you to be. And again, Don’t repeat!