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Dear sons,

When you start to date, you want to find a woman who is seeking first God then a man. You want to find a woman who is seeking righteousness now. If she isn’t a mission-based woman while you date, what will make her a mission-based woman after you marry? Make sure that you are on the same path with being a Christ-Follower! Don’t loose yourself by allowing her to change who you are in Christ! If she is lost and looking for something to believe in; be that light! Introduce her to the one that can save her soul! 

Proverbs 15:22 tells us, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” 

The truth is, marriage is not easy. It may even suck sometimes! There is no guarantee that the person you marry will continue to grow in faith.You may get sick of her or break psychologically or spiritually; but you’ll be okay and you’ll grow in the process. That’s a good thing. Make sure she is growing with you as well!

Don’t lose your joy, wonder, or even happiness as you face this season in your life. Life is a journey so make sure to walk it hand in hand with God. Walk  in wisdom, but God has plenty of experience helping his children work through the consequences of foolish choices (their own and others’). Even in failure, he’s their to love you still.
Ask yourself; are you looking for a virtuous, mission-based woman, or are you looking merely for physical attractiveness? Do you believe that a future wife motivated by God will love you longer and more fully than one motivated by different desires? Keep that in mind and don’t loose yourself!

Sincerely with love,