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Be Courageous

Become today who you intend to be tomorrow. The bridge between who you are and who you want to become is simply courage. At some point you’ve just got to wake up and make a decision to get over the pile of excuses you’ve built up in your head for not being the person you really want to be. 

Life doesn’t have to end today for you because you feel that you made a mistake. Life will start the next day and the day after that; so move forward and don’t press the rewind button, just try to do better the next day! as long as you have breath; you have a blessed opportunity to be the best person that you can be!

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Celebrating Black History

In order to build self-esteem and racial pride, Black Americans should homeschool their children (if you can.) A typical curriculum in school vaguely touches the subject of enslaved blacks in history and it ends with the Civil Rights movement. Our homes should be a great example of black pride without the stereotypes. Our kids should not want to be no one other than who God intended them to be. They should not want to transform themselves in order to fit in. The mental images of white America are programmed and thrown into the school system lacking other cultures making it hard to accept anything other than white.

As a mother who have homeschooled both traditional and non-traditional, my decision to continue with homeschooling proved valid when I see how prideful my daughters are. They have flourished in their own identity without diminishing who they are. I can teach them culture without stereotypes. I can teach them to love in spite of worldviews and in your face media. Black History in my home is not just in February; It’s every day! This is my opinion and it’s not intended to offend parents that have their kids in school. This is simply my experience with my kids when they were in school.-Just Celebrating Black History Month from my view!



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Empty Pill Bottles Desperately Needed (Take your meds & help others!)

ginger ail

Pill bottles: they are those translucent orange soldiers that pile up all around us… in our drawers, bags, cabinets… sometimes I wonder – if I had saved every empty pill bottle since I got sick, what would that look like?
Mountains of Pill Bottles
One of the things I have always hated the most about being sick, is you often need more help than you can give.  That’s not always true, but there are definitely days or weeks like that for even the most functioning among us.  I see those specials on tv and think: I want to build a Habitat for Humanity house or dig wells in Africa (this might be a late night, insomnia induced thought but the general sentiment still stands).

Neither of those will be happening in my lifetime, but that’s okay.  There really are other things we can do, all of us, to help other people no matter how…

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