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Attitude Check

With free-will comes both responsibility and strength. You have the power within yourself to shape your destiny with your words. I believe that speaking life all comes down directly to your attitude. You can’t always control your circumstances or surroundings. Bad things happen to good people sometimes. You can, however, control your attitude towards these situations. Your attitude will  be either an asset, or a liability. There is no in-between.

In every aspect of life, attitude is key. The attitude that you have walking into the office today will determine your level of success tomorrow. The attitude that you hold towards school work, chores, your career, your significant other, or difficult times will play either a positive or negative role in your life.

An attitude can be wordless. You don’t need to necessarily voice your opinions or frustrations for it to be felt. An attitude can not only plague your mind, but infect the minds of those around you as well. It is felt without being spoken.

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A remnant is a small group that has remained. That is where the word remnant comes from. It comes from the root “to remain.”

God always has a remnant. A remnant that remains faithful, committed, on course, obedient to God. That does not get discouraged, quit, or give up because of life’s many turns. Life has its share of setbacks and unexpected turns, and many people give up because of those setbacks.

Those who stay on course and remain faithful will experience God’s richer blessings. God blesses all of His children. But those who stay the course are rewarded for their faithfulness.

So stay on track, hold course, stay steady, and remain faithful. Be a part of the remnant.

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Failure is a part of life

In life, sometimes we win and sometimes we learn. Every mistake or failure is a chance to grow and learn, and if you understand that then you’ll never lose – you either win or you learn – both of them are worthwhile.

”Live with accountability”

If you live with accountability, the worst thing that happens is that you learn from your failures. It’s one thing to make mistakes but it’s quite another when you make the same mistake over and over again because you just won’t learn!

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Guarding Your Heart

Poor choices, lack of wisdom, emotional instability, pride, bitterness, a ‘wounded spirit’ and unforgiveness are the kinds of things that weaken us and leave us open, so guard your spirit and your heart!

My prayer to you: Lord God, help me to keep my heart and my spirit pure before you. Bring to mind anything which has caused me to live ‘wounded’ and enable me to have a right spirit.


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Teaching Generosity 

    It’s important to guard against allowing your world to revolve around your child once he reaches this milestone and steps further into the world outside of home. A child who believes the world revolves around him is in danger of developing a sense of entitlement and a me-focused attitude—both of which are the enemies of generosity. 
    Entitlement is a real battle for children in today’s world. It’s challenging to protect them from feeling that they deserve everything they want, but there’s a simple antidote to entitlement: “Service” Teaching a child to serve and give with an open heart prevents the “me attitude” and I’m learning that daily with my 11 year old.