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Are you Bored yet?

There are other things besides binge watching the tele(in my Queen Elizabeth’s voice) that I have found to be productive during the quarantine of 2020! I’m happy to share what I’ve been researching for a week now.

I’m not a space person, but my 14 yr old is starting to love the wonders of Science.

Google Sky has an interactive display of space – they have an awesome app to learn constellations and more about space.

If you are missing your visits to the Museums,try a virtual experience for free,

The best online course to learn just about anything; again, for free: Coursera

Make a Fiverr Account! Fiverr is a place you can sell services in something you’re an expert in. This is a good place to start freelancing for writers, editors, graphic designers, or any other digital service you can offer.

Try Speaking a new Language! I have homeschooled all of my kids for years and they can speak Spanish,Mandarin,and Some French thanks to thirst free sites: Duolingo, Busuu, Babbel, edX

Find your creative niche’ while the world is quite. You may be surprised at what pops in your head! Sites such as, Etsy and Upwork can help bring in some extra dough! You can always start a YouTube channel or have some family fun while exercising through TikTok! We can beat the quarantine blues, just switch up the daily routine a little and breathe:)