It’s that time!!! So quickly but we are so excited! This is the Strahan’s first year to attempt year round schooling. The schedule will be three weeks on and two weeks off:) They love the idea and I’m hoping this will be that missing piece of the downward puzzle where life gets a little lazy after the holiday break. Keeping them motivated and organized is this year and the next year’s goal.

I am doing something completely different with our curriculum using My Homework App. I had the kids download the app on their tablets and phones to where all of the assignments are implicated daily. This took a lot of time, but so worth it! I use Teachers.io to input my material and do all of the planning. They can join the class via the Homework App so that they can view their daily lessons. I am absolutely ecstatic on how well I did with the planning.

For parents that are looking for last minute curriculum and no time to get the planning together, I am happy to share my class or classes. I have a 4th grader,8th,and a senior this school year. I’m so excited to share what I have!

I have completed my 4th graders Grammar lessons. Again this is on a three week on and two week off schedule but the hard work is all done. 4th Grade Grammar by Scholastic. I have linked videos and lessons that I put together so that she is not just going through the workbook and not really learning. If my homework app is downloaded, they can just click and join classes that is already set to go!

Happy Homeschooling:)

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